SCWTCA Endowment, Inc. January 1 – December 31, 2019 Audited Financial Report

Itemized Operating Costs:  
WA Secretary of State Annual Non-Profit Report and Filing Fee$        10.00
Equisure Insurance (D&O and Crime policies)$   1,151.00
Go Daddy (Endowment website domain names and annual hosting & privacy fees)$      222.22
Gary Galunas (SCWT Database Annual Fee for hosting DB web site, OFA and COI)$   1,488.00
Barnes Wendling Accounting Fee (2018 Federal form 990)$      600.00
PayPal Fees$      195.11
Promotional costs at MCKC National Dog Show (table, posters, flyers)$      318.94
Postage (FAPI kits, bears, decals, 80 donation receipts letters, return database photos)$      253.60
Reimburse customer for FAPI Kit & pre-paid FedEx label. TAMU GI Lab suspend test.$        54.30
Total Operating Costs:$   4,293.17
Grants Given To:  
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania: Paula Henthorn, PhD (May 16, 2019)$   7,750.00
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania: Paula Henthorn, PhD (August 25, 2019)$   5,000.00
Total Grants: $ 12,750.00
Total Amount of Operating Costs and Grants: $ 17,043.17
Total Donations Received: $ 12,767.34
Wells Fargo Savings: Ending Statement 12/31/2019 $168,442.00
Wells Fargo Checking: Ending Statement 12/31/2019 $ 21,666.25
Total Assets: $190,108.25

Sold: 2 FAPI Kits, 4 Watchdog HealthTracker, 9 Decals, 2 Bears.
Mailed: 80 Thank You/receipt letters.

Respectfully submitted,

Toni Vincent-Fisher

Previous year's Financial Reports for the Endowment are available upon written request to the Endowment Treasurer listed below.

Toni Vincent-Fisher
3825 132nd Ave NE
Bellevue WA 98005