The purpose of the SCWTCA Endowment, Inc., Grants Program is to provide assistance to researchers attempting to resolve serious health issues for Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers (SCWTs). The SCWTCA Endowment Board will review Grant Applications and make recommendations to the Board for proposals meeting the standards of this document.

  1. Funds Available.   The SCWTCA Endowment is generated from donor gifts and net proceeds from health-related fundraising projects sponsored by SCWTCA, Inc.
  2. Criteria for Awarding Funds.
    1. The proposal must progress through the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) review process before being considered by the SCWTCA Endowment Board. All AKC/CHF evaluations and feedback must accompany the SCWTCA Grant Application.
    2. Quality of proposed research.
    3. Presence of documented need for research, including but not limited to information from professionally conducted SCWTCA health surveys.
    4. Practical application of anticipated research findings.
  3. Award and Disbursement of Funds.   The AKC/CHF will take responsibility for award and disbursement of Grant Funds, issuance of an Award Letter, and negotiation of the Terms of Grant Agreement.
  4. Grant Reporting and Monitoring.   A SCWTCA Endowment Board member will be selected on an annual basis to sign a confidentiality agreement and assume responsibility for reviewing Grant Reports and monitoring research progress for AKC/CHF. In addition to the reports required by the AKC, the Grant Recipient will submit annual layperson’s status reports to the SCWTCA Endowment Board for distribution to SCWTCA members.
  5. Grant Evaluation.   At the conclusion of the Grant-Funding period, the AKC/CHF will evaluate the completed research program and report to the SCWTCA Endowment Board.
  6. Payment of Matching Funds.   Funds will be dispersed in two or more equal installments. The last payment will be made only after receipt of the final research report and acceptance by the AKC/CHF.
  7. General Conditions.   Any agreement between the SCWTCA Endowment Board and the researcher may be withdrawn or terminated upon receipt of an opinion of counsel that the SCWTCA Endowment Board’s participation in said program jeopardizes its status as a public-supported, tax-exempt organization. Research projects funded in part or in total by SCWTCA Endowment monies are subject to complete compliance with the AKC/CHF guidelines to guard against unusual cruelty to animals.

These Guidelines are based, in great part, on the AKC/CHF Guidelines for the Parent Club Matching Fund Program.