The McWheat Family


Mick is a happy chap who likes nothing better than running through puddles and mud in the countryside, for he has a great love of mischief and fun!

He jumps with joy when he greets folk and is full of enthusiasm and exuberance for life and he doesn’t mind if he leaves muddy paw prints🐾 along with his kisses….

He likes nothing better than snuggling in the evenings with his human family and talking the blarney of the old country, for Mick McWheat is an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, he has a coat the colour of ripening wheat, and best of all a heart of gold


One day, Mick’s human family told him they had found a beautiful friend for him whose name was Mary. Mick and Mary fell in love with each other the moment they met. Mary is a gentle soul with a free spirit and she’s also a bit of a hippy and loves to wear flowers in her hair!

The Twins - Marie and Murtaugh (Murta)

Mick and Mary are now complete; they have two beautiful pupcakes, Marie and Murtaugh who are untidy little Wheaties! They get into all sorts of mischief and only want to have fun and play and their parents and human family love them to the moon and back!

Every evening they all snuggle together listening to their Daddy Mick’s tales, for there is no doubt that Mick has touched the Blarney Stone!


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