The SCWTCA Endowment, Inc. is not a membership organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors:

Officers & Board of Directors

Chair Anna Marzolino ‭(714) 470-6818 (CA)
Vice-Chair Pam Tinnelly (CA)
Secretary Janet Snoddy (TX)
Treasurer Toni Vincent (WA)
Directors Liz Jamiolkowski (DE)
Gerard Thompson (IA)
Kathleen McIndoe (AZ)
Director Emerita Beth Verner (NC)


Founder & SCWTCA Endowment Chair

Rosemary Berg (2001-2017)

Carol Carlson (2001-2019)




In addition to our Board, we have three Working Groups:

Working Groups

Fundraising This team is charged with developing financial support for the Endowment. It works with the Board to develop strategy and proposes various avenues to raise funds.
Pam Lewis
Leslie DeMattia
Anna Marzolino
Pam Tinnelly
Communications This team develops ideas and materials to explain the work of the Endowment and raise its visibility in the Wheaten community
K.C. Gottshalk
Kate Heller
Liz Jamiolkowski
Anna Marzolino
Gerard Thompson
Special Projects
Pam Mandeville
Helen Fraguela
Pam Mandeville
Bonney Snyder
Jeri Voyles
Helen Moreland
Robyn Alexander
Pam Mandeville


Website & Database

Website We are fortunate to have two hard workers who maintain the Endowment website, Robyn Alexander and Roxanna Springer.
Database The SCWT Database is managed by director Kathleen McIndoe with a team of volunteers. We’d like to thank San Jeffries, Art Miller, Molly O’Connell, Emily Holden and Patrice Chevalier for all their help. And we especially thank all the people who have submitted info and photos on their Wheatens.
Visit the Database at


If you’d like to volunteer to help the Endowment, contact us at